Episode 10: Hateful

For this Episode of The Weird Girls Project Kitty returned to the basic visual of Episode 1 with a desire to utilise UV to its full effect with the experience gained in the 3 years passed.

The majority of the crew were from the film school in Reykjavik and Ymír Einarsson worked with Kitty on the lead up to pull the crew into a professional production. Lead singer of Gus Gus, Daníel Ágúst edited the piece and this became the first project that Kitty and Daníel worked professionally together on.

  • Producer, Concept and Artistic Direction: Kitty Von-Sometime
  • Technical Director: Hörður Ýmir Einarsson
  • Editor and Post Production: Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson
  • Lighting and Assistant Director: Ari Bjarnason
  • Cameramen: Hrafn Jónsson, Matthías Hálfdánarson and Hrafn
  • Camera Runner: Óli Þór Jósepsson
  • Official Photographers: Sara Johanna Vilbergs and Katrín Ólafs
  • Head Runner: Fríða Einarsdóttir
  • Hair and Make up: Herdís Eggerts, Svanhvit Arnadóttir and Stevie Ward
  • Official Music: Hateful by Gus Gus