Episode 9: Goth Moths

This episode of The Weird Girls Project produced a commissioned video for Crookers. The majority of the filming took place in and on Höfðatorg – Iceland’s tallest building. The Icelandic winter proved both stunning and a challenge – the temperature dropped below minus twelve but the elongated golden sunset and sunrise threw every colour possible into the sky.

  • Producer, Concept and Artistic Direction: Kitty Von-Sometime
  • Technical Director, Cinematography, Editing composition and grading: Chris Rowe
  • Director of Photography and Lighting: Hrafn Garðasson
  • Lighting: Ari Bjarnason
  • Official Photographer: Juliana Espana Keller
  • Behind the Scenes Photographer: Sara Johanna
  • Costumes: Svanhvit Arnadóttir, Kitty Von-Sometime & Judy Wu
  • Make up: Flóra Buenano, Berglind Rögnvaldsdóttir & Alma
  • Head Runner: Fríða Einarsdóttir
  • Runners: Erla Gisladóttir, Hildur Hlíf Hilmarsdóttir & Anne Walsh
  • Official Music: Transilvania by Crookers feat. Steed Lord