The Weird Girls Project is an ongoing art film series created and produced by concept artist Kitty Von-Sometime which is created to empower the women who take part.


Fed up of the media marketing of what a woman’s figure should look like and the effect it had on women imposing boundaries to themselves, Kitty started making these pieces, using the music video format to put exposure on the variety of shapes and sizes that make us who we are


Volunteer participants take part on a set date and are unaware of any part of the plan until they turn up. This includes the concept, location and costumes. For three months Kitty and the crew plan the piece in secret, and it culminates in a day’s shooting which becomes a film.


The main element of the project is ‘release to the unknown’ and apart from the film the Project focuses on the event itself and how the women react, improvise and morph within costume, learning about their power of self combined with the strength of coming together as a group.


The Project uses voluntary individuals rather than engaging professional performers or models and part of the ethos is to develop increased self-confidence, especially focusing on body issues and a release of inhibitions. The women are varying in ages, backgrounds and experience, and do not necessarily know each other before the day.


It started in a very naive style with the end media showing little to no experience and it has matured throughout the life of the project. Kitty creates the concept directs each event and in addition has designed and edited on varying Episodes but always draws in the talents of different photographers, costume makers and cinematographers to bring the concept to life forming a constantly fluid collaborative element.