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Expressing the lack of daylight in this time of year and the feeling of society’s desperation for the light to return, Kitty engaged with Krummi Bjorgvinsson and collaborated with music from his new project Legend. Comparative to the previous episode, Kitty pulled the women into the darkness to revel and gorge on combined visual representations of witchcraft and religion.

In the performance the women come together as vessels for evil performing a ritual to wake a dark spirit. For the first time ever the video work includes a performance by a band member, although this scene was filmed on a separate day – to maintain The Project’s boundaries.



Producer, Concept and Artistic Direction: Kitty Von-Sometime
Director of Photography, Post Production and Editor: Arnar Valdimarsson
Photographer: Héðinn Eríksson
Lighting Technician: Rósant Guðmundsson
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Katrín Ólafs
Costumes: Fiona Cribben and Kitty Von-Sometime
Head Runner: Fríða Einarsdóttir
Runners: Manny Santiago, Þorgerður Sveinsdóttir and Lilja Hrönn
On set costume assistance: Magga Sigga
Make up: Neníta Aguilar, Theordóra Torfadóttir, Dýrleif Sveinsdóttir, Labinota Morina, Berglind Stella Benediktsdóttir
Official Music: Sister by Legend