Setting up on Episode 15. Photo by Erla Gísladóttir

Setting up on Episode 15. Photo by Erla Gísladóttir



If you are a creative and want to get involved in The Project in other ways than participating, get in touch.

The Project is open to collaboration with interns, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, choreographers, set designers, costume creators, local governments, charities and private companies interested in social change.




There is a waiting list for the next Reykjavík based Episode which you are welcome to join, but be aware that the episodes take place when either funding or brand commissions occur. Subscribing to the newsletter will make sure you stay informed.

If you are interested in bringing The Project to you outside of Iceland and have avenues for funding or local sponsorship, please be in touch.


You must be:

  • Female identifying

  • Over the legal age of responsibility (18 in most countries)

Beyond these criteria there is no specific ruleset for applicants.

You must understand that the day of an episode is usually physically challenging and at minimum 12 hours long. However if you have any health issues or disabilities which make this difficult, please contact us and we can find ways to work around that. You must be willing to be photographed and filmed (although participants provide approval of any revealing imagery so no one feels uncomfortable). You must understand that The Project is not a talent show, those who are more comfortable on set will be encouraged to give support to those who are nervous. Finally, there is a participation fee. This is minimal when an episode is fully sponsored or commissioned but exists to secure your place as costumes are made to measure and food is provided on set.