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Episode 13 took place in the recently volcano hit Þórsmörk and surrounding areas. The videos from the performance produce pieces for Imogen Heap’s Love the Earth score.

Part I was filmed around the stunning waterfall Seljalandsfoss and was incredibly difficult to film both due to the freezing glacial water the women were soaked in. The core elements of rebirth and worship are the focus.

Part II took place around Húsadalur and follows the women drawing energy from water worship as they follow the river to its source and rebirth into strong and free spirits.



Producer, Concept and Artistic Direction: Kitty Von-Sometime
Director of Photography: Hrafn Garðasson
Editor: Part I – Logi Hilmarsson, Part II – Helgi Jóhannsson
Official Photographer: Hörður Ellert Ólafsson
Camera Assistants: Antón Smári, Jokull Hauksson and Viktor Davið
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Pall Ívarsson
Post Production: Michael Todd
Costumes: María Nielsen, Helga Jóakimsdóttir, Elísabet Maren Guðjónsdóttir and Björg Gunnarsdóttir
Head Runner: Fríða Einarsdóttir
Runner and Behind the Scenes filming: Manny Santiago
Make up: Neníta Aguilar, Theordóra Torfadóttir and Arna Sigurlaug Ragnarsdóttir
Co- Producers: Linda Ward and Brian Haines
Official Music: Peace and Flight by Imogen Heap