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This was the largest production of The Weird Girls Project yet with 27 girls in the cast. The award winning band Agent Fresco approached Kitty and asked her to produce an official music video for their song Eyes of a Cloud Catcher within The Project’s set boundaries.

The concept Kaleidoscope involved using the girls bodies to produce mirrored layouts and symmetrical graphics with choreographed moves directed for the first time only moments before each shot. It was the first episode to be filmed in a studio.




Producer, Concept and Artistic Direction: Kitty Von-Sometime
Director of Photography: Hrafn Garðason
1st Assistant Director and Editor: Atli Viðar Þorsteinsson
Assistant Producer: Diljá Ámundadóttir
Lighting: Siggi Bahama and Geir Magnússon
Second camera: Hrafn Jonsson
Post Production: Greg Kruk and Sölvi Hrafn Ingimundarson
Official Photographer: Leó Stefánsson
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Sara Johanna
Making of video shot and edited by: Gunnar B. Guðbjörnsson
Costumes: Kitty Von-Sometime and Judy Wu
Hair and Make up: Svanhvít Arnadóttir and Karen Wallington
Make up: Flóra Buenano, Berglind Rögnvaldsdóttir and Helga Sjöfn Kjartansdóttir
Head Runner: Fríða Einarsdóttir
Assistant Runners: Daníel Kári and Svana Gunnarsdóttir
Official Music: Eyes of a cloud catcher by Agent Fresco