Inspired by the message and method of The Weird Girls Project, The Weird Experience is a retreat in the West Fjörds of Iceland in collaboration with The Blue Bank

Held in the stunning surroundings of the West Fjörds of Iceland, The Weird Experience is a retreat based on the ethos of The Weird Girls Project. It is hosted by the creator of The Project, artist Kitty Von-Sometime, in collaboration with The Blue Bank.

The Project encourages expression and personal growth using fun and challenging activities which push you out of your comfort zone, and promote togetherness. It aims to develop confidence and broaden perspective. 

The Weird Experience allows you to step out of your daily routine, value self care and shed stress through adventure, movement and a creative shared experience. Participate in discussion, workshops and relaxation activities in breathtaking surroundings.

This retreat is designed as an escape from your normal routine, environment and mindset. There will be a focus on positive thinking and an exploration of behaviour and thought patterns which are detrimental to your sense of self. 

This retreat does not focus specifically on yoga, meditation, rituals or healing. But it does bring many of these threads together with applied discussion and creativity to provide a catalyst for freedom within yourself. You will be encouraged to take part in as many of the group activities as you feel comfortable with.

The cost of the retreat includes: 

  • 5 nights hotel accommodation
  • 3 meals a day plus refreshments
  • 2.5 days of workshops including adventures in the area
  • All retreat activities
  • Welcome drinks
  • Optional ride to and from Reykjavík
  • Participation in an Episode of The Weird Girls Project


Minimum group size:10     Maximum group size: 20

See prices. 




We listened to your requests and have changed the schedule.

This Retreat is based around the ethos of The Weird Girls Project, so it’s a very good idea to familiarise yourself with that thoroughly via this website. 

Once you have booked, you will be sent a questionnaire to go over some finer details such as dietary or medical requirements. However please get in touch before booking if you have physical limitations/challenges.


  • Adventure
  • Exploration of self
  • Discussion
  • Reminders for self care
  • A touch of weird 
  • Awe of nature
  • Escape from your routine
  • Community


  • International travel
  • Travel insurance


Sensible clothing for the weather including footwear. This is Iceland. The wrong clothes can restrict your involvement and your enjoyment. Please do not underestimate the power of mother nature. Checking weather forecasts before is helpful but does not in anyway guarantee accuracy in the land of fire and ice. We will send you a suggested list closer to the time.


Comfortable clothing for yoga/movement


The retreat base is in Þíngeyri, a small town in the stunningly beautiful West Fjörds of Iceland. It is 400km from Reykjavík. There is an optional ride offered from and to Reykjavík included in the price at set timing.

You can also choose to fly or self drive.

Travel information:

Flight: From Reykjavík Domestic Airport to Ísafjörður. This takes 45 minutes.  From there use airport transfers to Þíngeyri which is a 50 minute journey. It is recommended you book the flights as early as possible.  (Please note, Reykjavík Domestic airport is in the city, Keflavík International airport is a 50minute bus ride away).

Self drive: The drive from Reykjavik to  Þíngeyri will take approximately 6 hours. 


You must be:

  • Female identifying
  • Over the legal age of responsibility (18)

Beyond these criteria there is no specific ruleset for applicants.

REGARDING PARTICIPATION IN THE EPISODE: You must understand that the day of an episode is usually physically challenging and at minimum 12 hours long. However if you have any health issues or disabilities which make this difficult, please contact us before booking and we can find ways to work around that. You must be willing to be photographed and filmed (although participants provide approval of any revealing imagery so no one feels uncomfortable). You must understand that The Project is not a talent show, those who are more comfortable on set will be encouraged to give support to those who are nervous. 

Behind the scenes on Episode 13, photo by Páll Ívarsson

Behind the scenes on Episode 13, photo by Páll Ívarsson

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